Plugins #

Plugins are an advanced feature of the library that allows users to construct their own custom-built graders, built on top of the infrastructure of the library. They can also be used to allow for straightforward code re-use, and to override library defaults on a course-wide basis.

Any .py file stored in the mitxgraders/plugins folder will be automatically loaded. All variables in the __all__ list will be made available when doing from mitxgraders import *. See for an example.

You can define custom grading classes in your plugin. To learn how this works, we recommend copying the code from, renaming the class, and building a simple plugin based on StringGrader.

We are happy to include user-contributed plugins in the repository for this library. If you have built a plugin that you would like to see combined into this library, please contact the authors through github. We are also willing to consider incorporating good plugins into the library itself.

Overriding Library Defaults #

Library defaults for any grading class can be specified by constructing the desired dictionary of defaults, and calling register_defaults(dict) on the class. For example, to specify that all StringGraders should be case-insensitive by default, you can do the following.

    'case_sensitive': False

When this code is included in a file in the plugins folder, it automatically runs every time the library is loaded, leading to course-wide defaults. If for some reason you need to reset to the library defaults for a specific problem, you can call clear_registered_defaults() on the class in that problem.

An example plugin has been provided for you in The code in this plugin is commented out so that it doesn't change anything by default. If you are interested in overriding library defaults on a course-wide basis, we recommend copying this file to and setting the desired defaults using the code templates provided. This is particularly useful if you wish to use attempt-based partial credit throughout your course.

Inserting Plugins into the Library #

To use a plugin, you will need to download the file, unzip it, put the plugin in the plugins directory, and rezip everything. Your new zip file should unzip to have the mitxgraders and voluptuous directories.