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This contains information for how MIT’s Office of Open Learning (OL) does things. The breadth of this covers coding conventions to project requirements and more.

To make changes, issue a pull request. Discussion can happen within the pull request itself.


To run this locally, you need Ruby and the bunder gem installed. The recommended steps for that installation are as follows:

  1. Install rvm
    • Ruby can be installed in other ways, but using rvm is highly recommend for installing/managing your ruby versions.
    • Linux users: It’s NOT recommended to use the Ubuntu/debian package for this as it never seems to work. Follow the instructions in this section instead.
    • OSX users:
      1. Update Homebrew (brew update)
      2. Follow the rvm installation guide. Running the gpg command and the first curl command should work (confirmed January 2021).
        • rvm install RUBY_VERSION - as of this writing, Ruby 2.7.1 was the latest and known to work
        • gem install bundler

Build and run jekyll

To run this locally, run the following commands in the handbook repo directory:

  • bundler install - installs github’s flavor of jekyll and its dependencies
  • bundler exec jekyll serve - runs the site at http://localhost:4000/